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EGON von VIETINGHOFF 1903-1994

Egon von Vietinghoff

- Creative Artist

- Author of specialized books

- Painting Philosopher

- Creator of a Foundation

Notice !

Three peaches On December 18, 2020 this website was transferred from the Foundation to its webmaster Mr Marcel Dickow, PhD.

Therefore, the web presentation is not a project of the Foundation anymore but is under the personal responsibility of Mr Marcel Dickow, PhD.

Introduction (also for download)

Winter in the Swiss mountain (Engadin) * First information with pictures on 3 pages

Latest activities on the website

Bellflowers, meadowsweet, toadflax, red berries bouquet In all languages

* Adaptations due to the transfer from the Foundation to the personal responsibility of its webmaster Mr Marcel Dickow, PhD.

* 30 new paintings and 100 more details uploaded to the gallery. In addition, 80 pics with revised colors in the already uploaded ones (2019).

* About another 10 paintings and 20 more drawings and etchings uploaded to the gallery (2020).

* Title and color correction for many paintings (2019/2020).

* One more anecdote in "In a Belgian restaurant" (look at Biography/Flashes about the artist)

Bunch of red radishes English

* Introduction: "First information with pictures on 3 pages" in pdf format

Liane dressed in violett (forth wife) French

* Introduction: "First information with pictures on 3 pages" in pdf format

* Translation of the chapter "Comparaisons"

* Translation of the sub-chapter "Préface de la rédaction", "Préface de l'auteur" and "Tables des matières" in the chapter "Philosophie/L'Essence des Beaux-Arts"

* Translation of the sub-chapter "Les touches du pinceau" and "Comment nait un tableau?" in the chapter "Technique"

* Completion of the sub-chapters "Jeanne, la mére" and "Conrad, le père" in the chapter "Biographie" (also in pdf format)

In process

Young woman with a bowl, I
* Userfriendlier gallery portal

* Re-calculation of the statistics

* New edition of "Die visionäre Malerei des Egon von Vietinghoff" in German, in youtube format