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EGON von VIETINGHOFF 1903-1994

Egon von Vietinghoff

- Creative Artist

- Author of specialized books

- Painting Philosopher

- Creator of a Foundation

Notice !

Three peaches On December 18, 2020 this website was transferred from the Foundation to its webmaster Mr Marcel Dickow, PhD.

Therefore, the web presentation is not a project of the Foundation anymore but is under the personal responsibility of Mr Marcel Dickow, PhD.

Introduction (also for download)

Winter in the Swiss mountain (Engadin) * First information with pictures on 3 pages

Latest activities on the website

Bellflowers, meadowsweet, toadflax, red berries bouquet In all languages

* Adaptations due to the transfer from the Foundation to the personal responsibility of its webmaster Mr Marcel Dickow, PhD.

* 30 new paintings and 100 more details uploaded to the gallery. In addition, 80 pics with revised colors in the already uploaded ones (2019).

* About another 10 paintings and 50 more drawings and etchings uploaded to the gallery (2020-2023).

* Title and color correction for many paintings (2019/2020).

* One more anecdote in "In a Belgian restaurant" (look at Biography/Flashes about the artist)

Bunch of red radishes English

* Introduction: "First information with pictures on 3 pages" in pdf format

Liane dressed in violett (forth wife) French

* Introduction: "First information with pictures on 3 pages" in pdf format

* Translation of the chapter "Comparaisons"

* Translation of the sub-chapter "Préface de la rédaction", "Préface de l'auteur" and "Tables des matières" in the chapter "Philosophie/L'Essence des Beaux-Arts"

* Translation of the sub-chapter "Les touches du pinceau" and "Comment nait un tableau?" in the chapter "Technique"

* Completion of the sub-chapters "Jeanne, la mére" and "Conrad, le père" in the chapter "Biographie" (also in pdf format)

In process

Young woman with a bowl, I
* Userfriendlier gallery portal

* Re-calculation of the statistics

* New edition of "Die visionäre Malerei des Egon von Vietinghoff" in German, in youtube format

Suggestions and commentaries

Any suggestions and commentary to improve this website or to delete mistakes is welcome as well as any assistance to the Foundation in attaining its goals.