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In 1989, towards the end of his life, Vietinghoff bequeathed a collection of oil-paintings of his choice to the non-profit Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation. Later it was enlarged by donations and represents a good scope of his work. It describes his spiritual legacy and promotes the neglected European painting tradition. This includes the technique of the multilayer oil-resin painting which is a unique cultural heritage, as well as the concepts of Transcendental Painting and the method of the School of Pure Vision as described by the artist. This website is aimed at the giving access to the public of the painter's vast life work .

On December 18, 2020 this website was transferred from the Foundation to its webmaster Mr Marcel Dickow, PhD.

Therefore, the web presentation is not a project of the Foundation anymore but is under the personal responsibility of Mr Marcel Dickow, PhD.