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The subject itself does not participate in the creation of an art work since the act of creation starts only when the subject is embraced by the imagination. What leads us into the realm of art, is the fact that the imagination grasps the subject, and the question becomes how the imagination embraced it. What it focused on may give us information about the artist’s personal leanings or about his sponsors and his contemporaries. From the point of view of philosophy of art it is unfounded to characterize artwork into different categories according to their subjects, such as still-lifes, religious, mythological, genre and historical paintings, as well as landscapes and portraits or nudes. Such division do not reflect artistic importance.

All oil-painting productivity by subject

59% Still Lifes
21% Flowers
10% Figure paintings
6% Portraits & Models
4% Landscapes

The total sum of the recorded works comes to 2750. They are paintings in all media with the exception of the graphic works of drawings and etchings. Among them there are some unfinished paintings as well. 100 pictures from 1938 till 1969 are not included because the artist was not satisfied with them and destroyed them in 1969. Surely, many unfinished or unsuccessful attempts from his early years in Zurich, Paris and Buenos Aires were deleted by himself. Therefore there remains a certain statistical uncertainty until 1970. Because there neither exist records nor photographs of these works, they cannot be taken into account. Paintings are 60% still lifes, of these 85% show fruits and 15% show vegetables, mushrooms, ham, bacon, fishes, seafood and fried eggs.