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Protection of data privacy

Whilst this website is unable to identify the visitors individually, it does however, record the number of visitors and top host, by day, month, and time, as well as the number of downloads. In addition, the web statistics shows the quota of the visits to chapters, and reflects from where the visitors were logged in, if a country ID is shown. This information is used purely for statistical purposes, and is in agreement with valid data protection laws. These statistics can only be viewed by the board of trustees and the webmaster of this site.

Should the user choose to alter the layout of the gallery (i.e. the number of rows and lines or change of language) he/she will be able to do so by the installation of a cookie, named PHPSESSID. This data is deposited temporarily and anonymously on the server. The user's layout selection will remain for about 3 hours after which the user will have to reselect the preferred layout. PLEASE NOTE that the cookie only operates in the browser, and no information is stored on the computer of the user.

Whilst correspondence and the dispatch of the newsletter are confidentially carried out, and no addresses are passed on to third parties, confidentiality of data transmitted via e-mail and the internet generally cannot be guaranteed. To safeguard the contents of messages, they can be encoded by PGP. The Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation will not accept responsibility for the protection of data privacy of the operators of other websites, which are linked from our website, or from those our website is linked to.

Exclusion of liability - Disclaimer

German telecommunications service law (TDGDG) Liability for links
The German telecommunications service law (TDG) in relation to the legal framework conditions for the electronic commercial traffic of December 12 th, 2001, points out in accordance with § 6 :

The liability for links, the court of Hamburg decided in it’s judgment dated of May 12th, 1998 (312 O 85/98), that circumstances permitting, one has to accept the responsibility for the contents of a linked site, i.e. also made be liable for. This only can be prevented by an express dissociation of these contents.

Swiss law
The revision of the 1992 Swiss copyright law (URG/LDA), has been in effect since July 1, 2008. With regard to the modern techniques, it's written in a neutral form and valid for both analogue and digital publication (internet for instance). Future modification will be harmonized with the laws of the European Union in bilateral agreements and with international law as well.

General disclaimer
The pages of this website were most carefully created and critically checked. They are reviewed and improved regularly. Nevertheless, neither liability nor guarantee can be assumed for any inaccuracies. The texts represent the opinion of the respective author. If they are not texts from the artist himself, or quotations of other authors, they were exclusively written, to document, edit and accompany the opus of the founder, and to explain his philosophy, as well as to draw the attention to his life and to the targets of the Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation.

Authors, translators, the webmaster, and the Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation are not responsible for the contents of other providers on the internet, to which the links from this website, direct or indirect, refer. A continuous check of the interlinked contents is neither intended nor possible, as the Foundation has no control over other websites. The Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation hereby declares, that at the time of setting up the links, no illegal or offensive contents on the linked sites were recognizable. Nevertheless, if currently illegal or offensive contents are contained on the interlinked pages, then we expressly dissociate ourselves from them. In addition, the Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation does not necessarily agree with the contents of other websites with links to our pages, as they are independent projects, over which we have no influence. Consequently we are not responsible for injuries or failures of the protection of data privacy of third parties.

The author, translators and the webmaster of this internet presentation, as well as the members of the Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation's board of trustees, assume no responsibility or liability for any damage or problem that may arise from quotations from our website taken out of context or used improperly and misunderstandings which could arise through poor translation. Neither the Foundation, nor those working on their website, assume any liability for violations of the copyrights of third parties by the users of this website.

Whilst the webmaster and the author have recognized virus protection programs installed, the author, the webmaster and the board of trustees, decline any liability for possible material damages, technical perturbations and non material losses, which may result from viruses when visiting our website. Every internet user is asked to be responsible for taking suitable, reasonable, and technically possible measures towards the protection from viruses.

The Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation reserves the right to change, or to erase parts of this website, without a special announcement, as well as to stop the publication temporarily.

If at any time in the present or future, some part of this website is in violation of the current laws, the remaining parts of the website will still be valid.

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