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Thank you for showing interest in this website!

You can browse this website and quote extracts from this site under reference for private as well as for educational and scientific purposes free of charge. We acknowledge that it is beneficial to us if you would kindly pass the Internet address (www.vietinghoff.org) on to your friends and colleagues.

Many thanks for your visit and we trust that you will find the Foundation’s homepage enjoyable!

Visitors to this website are, however, bound by conditions which require you to accept the regulations unconditionally. In regard to the copyrights and legal notes, please read the corresponding sections of this chapter.

Names, Address, Contacts

Here is the main address
. Please write to this address first (see Contact)
Here is the contact for the webmaster if technical problems may occur.

Notice! www.vietinghoff.de is the address of The Family Association of the Barons and Esquires von Vittinghoff, von Vietinghoff and von Schell. It leads to an independent website.

Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation
Street address: Westbuehlstr. 40, CH 8038 Zurich, Switzerland
Euro and Swiss Franks accounts in Switzerland, Euro account in Germany

Board of trustees
Liane von Vietinghoff (President), Zurich, Switzerland
Alexander von Vietinghoff (Vice-President)
Beatrice Kohler, Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Robert W. Buff, Zurich, Switzerland


Accountant, yearly reports: Zufida Beratungs AG, CH 8853 Lachen, Switzerland
Auditor: ReviCons AG, Zurich, CH 8004 Switzerland


Concept and Contents : Alexander von Vietinghoff
Webmaster : Marcel Dickow, PhD, Berlin, Germany
Web-Hosting : dogado internet gmbh, Dortmund, Germany (www.dogado.de)

Translators and Proof-readers

Hélène and Yves Räber (French)
Monica Constandache (French)
Lilian Lotto (English, French)
Mily Raggio (Spanish)
Angelica Schmaus (Spanish)
Veronique Angiorama (Spanish)
Regina Malmström (Swedish)
Dr. Gianni Murzi (Italian)
William Price (English)
G. Lamar Robert, Ph.D. (English)
Cecil M. Radford (English)
Felicity Forsyth (English)
Dennis L. DiBartolomeo (English)
Alexander von Vietinghoff (German, English, French, Spanish)

Advisors and Proof-readers

Dr. Dirk Klose (German)
Christian Wiedmer (German)


Pictures, Image files, Photographs, Slides, Scans, File production

Repro Atelier Sieber, formerly Glattbrugg, Switzerland
Foto Frank Schwarzbach, Zurich, Switzerland
formerly Foto Litho Meier + Pfister AG, Effretikon, Switzerland
Eberhard Polatzek, Fotograf, Rüschlikon, Switzerland
Rainer H. Schwesig, Fotografie, Berlin, Germany
Manja Faerber, Munich, Germany
Alexander von Vietinghoff

Quotations and texts I

Sources directly related to the founder translated into English

-- Egon von Vietinghoff, Handbuch zur Technik der Malerei (The Handbook of Painting Technique), DuMont Edition, Cologne, 1983 and 1991.
-- Egon von Vietinghoff and the Foundation, Die Stiftung (The Foundation), Catalogue of the painting's collection of the Foundation with short introduction by the artist, Copyright 1990.
-- Egon von Vietinghoff, Unpublished manuscript and letters of the artist and founder.
-- Slide show: Bernd Lewandowski and Alexander von Vietinghoff, Die visionäre Malerei des Egon von Vietinghoff (The transcendental painting of Egon von Vietinghoff). Copyright 1996.
-- Alexander von Vietinghoff, Die visionäre Malerei des Egon von Vietinghoff (The transcendental painting of Egon von Vietinghoff), Pamphlet. Copyright 1997.

Quotations and texts II

Other sources

Jeanne de Vietinghoff, Mother
Hélène Naville
Marguerite Yourcenar
Josyane Savigneau
Michèle Goslar
Michèle Sarde
George Rousseau
Christine Mary McGinley
Dorit Heitmann
Nicolas Cochin
Encyclopedia Britannica
and ...

Objective and Aims

You may also refer to the chapter Foundation

This website is a project of the non-profit Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation without commercial purpose or intent. Thus, the website serves solely, the publication of the biography and the opus of the Foundation's creator, the painter and the author, Egon von Vietinghoff. The specific purpose has been designed to introduce, his personality, family background, as well as his spiritual and artistic legacy, i.e. to document and comment on his opus and writings, thereby hopefully providing further research, and in addition, making available this information to a wider audience.

The Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation presents it's site for the purpose of:
# advertising the painting collection of the Foundation will the goal being to exhibit them;
# drawing attention and resuscitating the traditional oil-resin mixing painting technique, as an important cultural heritage of European history of art;
# making public, the method "School of pure vision", and, the philosophy "Transcendental painting". As far as Egon von Vietinghoff was aware, he was the first person to describe and to write about this phenomena, independent of his own opus;
# translations of his thoughts in the existing texts and in the website, into other languages;
# encouraging scientific work into the life's work of Egon von Vietinghoff, in colleges, academies and universities;
# enabling Egon von Vietinghoff to be recognized not only as a painter, but in addition for his concepts which are, Translucency of color, School of pure vision and Transcendental painting. It is the Foundation’s belief that these should be recorded in dictionaries and encyclopedias;
# ensuring that the artist’s paintings become a permanent feature in suitable museums;
# enabling that his work in both picture and text media, gets published in periodicals, books, TV, and virtual galleries.

It would be extremely desirable that the contents of this website be shared with your colleagues and friends, bearing in mind the copyright laws. The Foundation welcomes other website users to create links to our site. However, the Foundation would appreciate you advising us.

Notes for the user

Different browsers and software settings produce occasionally divergent representations. One receives the best representation with "Firefox" from Mozilla.

Should the user choose to alter the layout of the gallery (i.e. the number of rows and lines or change of language) he/she will be able to do so by the installation of a cookie, named PHPSESSID. This data is deposited temporarily and anonymously on the server. The user's layout selection will remain for about 3 hours after which the user will have to reselect the preferred layout. PLEASE NOTE that the cookie only operates in the browser, and no information is stored on the computer of the user.

We recommend a resolution of 1366 (or more) to 768 pixel for the average size monitor.

Because of the subtly differentiated coloration and luminosity achieved by self-produced colors, as they are mainly made from naturally grown raw materials, it is impossible to obtain a true impression of the paintings on a computer. On the part of the Foundation, the colors of the pictures, depend on the quality of the slides and photos, on the digitalization process, i.e. on scanning, and on the image processing, and the correct computer calibration, in order to obtain as near as possible the correct coloring. Be aware, however, that it is impossible to achieve perfection at all times. On the part of the user, the colors depend on the hardware configuration, on the calibration of their monitor and on the software installed. Should a visitor wish to print one of the high resolution paintings in the download site section, additional color disfiguration may occur as a result of the brand, the quality, and the setting of the printer.

The illustrations of the individual pages of this www-performance generally are offered in a resolution of 72 dots per inch and saved in the JPEG format. The 10 paintings of Egon von Vietinghoff released for download have a higher resolution.

Apart from the photos from the family collection, and those taken by Manja Faerber (one of the painter's pupils) or Alexander von Vietinghoff, and works of other painters, the visitor will see in the website and in the virtual gallery more than 320 paintings and 80 drawings of Egon von Vietinghoff. It is a representative choice of 12% of his complete oil painting opus. Paintings of other painters and sculptors have been inserted for comparison purposes, whose copyright must be particularly respected.

Data base
All data of the pictures shown in the gallery are saved in a database, so the user can both access to the large amount of information, and influence the display of the pictures on his screen. Particularly, the paintings and photographs can be sorted by several categories and specifically searched by keywords.

The documents are saved as PDF files which can be downloaded with the "Acrobat Reader". You can obtain the "Acrobat Reader" free of charge on the internet. You are not entitled to use any of the material downloaded for the purpose of monetary gain in any way whatsoever. You may only use this material in a personal capacity.

We have made a conscious decision not to link to too many other websites. We therefore set up only links which fundamentally refer to the targets and contents of our own website.

The complete website incorporates the concise site (an overview) in the five languages: German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian. There is even a summary in Swedish available. The comprehensive site and the gallery with the slide shows are in three languages: German, English, and French. The largest of these is the German version with 16 chapters and 54 sub-chapters, whereas the English and French versions have 1 chapter and 13 sub-chapters less.

Legal notes

Visiting this website you accept to follow the good customs of the Internet and particularly to observe the proscription of spam, racism, sexism, violence glorification, threat of violence, pornography and any kind of offence including injury of religious feelings, disparagement of minorities etc. Advertising emails without previous consent are invalid and can be reported.

The user is obliged to accept all the points mentioned in this chapter for the purpose of the copyright and the intellectual property protection, as well as for the exclusion of liability and the protection of data privacy. By providing this website the Foundation is not issuing a license for the use of the intellectual property of the artist, the foundation, the author and the webmaster to the visitor.

Place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland


The revision of the 1992 Swiss copyright law (URG/LDA), has been in effect since July 1, 2008. With regard to the modern techniques, it's written in a neutral form and valid for both analogue and digital publication (internet for instance). Future modification will be harmonized with the laws of the European Union in bilateral agreements and with international law as well.

Copyright of the Website
The copyright (2000-2015) of the complete website The Transcendental Painting of Egon von Vietinghoff belongs to the Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation. All texts and illustrations published on this website are copyright protected. Any utilization not allowed by the copyright law requires previous written consent of the Foundation or other originators, authors, and institutions. This is particularly valid in regard to duplicating, editing, translating, storing of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems. Photocopies and downloads of websites may be produced only for personal, private and noncommercial use. All rights of publication and translation of this website as a whole, or in part, belong to the Foundation.

Copyright of the artistic and literary opus of the painter and author Egon von Vietinghoff
The copyright of the entire opus of Egon von Vietinghoff is the property of the Foundation. The production of setting copies, reproductions, illustrations, media, revisions, and any type of reprints, as well as professional or commercial distribution or sale, is prohibited in principle, and requires the mandatory written agreement of the Foundation. Quoting text and using pictures in internet resolution, for non commercial purposes, is allowed if the authorship is clearly recognizable.

Copyright of the photo portraits of Egon von Vietinghoff
The copyright of some photo portraits of the artist, from the years 1980 to 1994, belongs to his former pupil, Manja Faerber, who resides in Munich, Germany. The copyright of the remaining photo portraits belongs to Alexander von Vietinghoff.

Copyright of works of other artists
Any person or organization who uses any information from this website, is obliged to indicate who owns the copyright whenever this information is used by them.

In regard to the contents offered under www.vietinghoff.org, the copyrights of texts and pictures have been correctly observed to the best of our knowledge and belief. Most of the pictures were taken from license free digital collections or from wikipedia and wikicommons. The copyright of other artist's work which appear on this website have been taken into consideration. The term of copyright of two-dimensional art works usually is 70 years years beginning from the death of the author. If it is expired then the works are in the public domain. For a few diagrams and pictures from other websites we got allowance to use them; then the author's name is shown in the pictures legend. Many outdoor shots and those taken in museums were photographed by the author of this website. For those there is no copyright expressly mentioned.

In the event that this website contains text or pictures, which are subject to copyright, which the Foundation is unaware of, the Foundation declares unreservedly that it will remove the text and pictures, upon receipt of proof, or if the copyright owner gives permission to the Foundation to retain the text and pictures, this authority will be noted on the website.

Intellectual property of the painting and the website
It is hereby definitely forbidden to change without authorization, the contents of this website, and particularly to use and to modify, or to distort the paintings of the artist, neither for commercial or for non commercial purpose, nor for advertising or for decoration purposes. In addition, the user may only use the pictures of the Egon von Vietinghoff paintings and the logo of the Foundation, i.e. the signature of the artist in connection with, the charitable, artistic, cultural, educational and spiritual targets of the founder, his heirs, and the Egon von Vietinghoff Foundation.

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